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DAU Equivalency Services

Our Process

Are you new to the DAU Equivalency Process?

We're here to help! Here are some things you'll need to know:

  • Contact the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) to initiate a Memorandum of Understanding with DAU to begin phase one. Learn more at the DAU Quick Reference Site.

  • DAU Equivalency is a two-phased process:

    • First, the training provider is assessed and approved as a DAU Equivalent Provider.

    • Second, each course is submitted for evaluation and compared to the DAU course.

  • Contact us to answer any questions you may have.

Are you already an approved DAU Equivalency Provider?

Here's an overview of the next steps:

  1. Review the DAU course to ensure that your course is equivalent in terms of content and rigor.

  2. Contact us to let us know about your course. We’ll send you a cost proposal and invoice to get the process started.

  3. Upload your course materials to the appropriate DAU SharePoint folder. Note: If you’re using DAU materials, be sure to remove any DAU logos.

  4. Pay CTS for the course review.

  5. We will take *2-3 weeks to complete the review (depending on course length). Need it done faster? We offer expedited review services as well.

  6. Address any shortfalls or deficiencies we discover during our review if needed.

  7. Review the evaluation and any recommendations we provide to you and DAU.

  8. Await DAU’s approval of our recommendations (usually within one week).

  9. Enjoy teaching your DAU-approved course and awarding your students DAU credit.


Please Note: Payment must be received, and all materials must be loaded on DAU’s SharePoint before the evaluation begins.

*Timelines are subject to delay if the materials are incomplete or incorrect. This timeline does not account for the time required by the training provider to make updates or corrections to their course materials.

Pricing and Payment

CTS prices our evaluations based on the type of review requested, the length of the course being evaluated, and the total number of courses ordered at one time. 

Please contact us for more information about pricing and payment methods.

Pricing and Payment
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